The Call

Back in November of 2009 I had a series of synchronistic events happen that I recorded in my blog over at the Broken Bokken .... See 'Shamans At Work'

These events led me to the world of Shamanism. To be frank with you, I had no interest in the subject until these events...and since then have been called into this interesting world.

I really don't consider myself a Shaman, but many of the hypnotic practices I have engaged in since the age of 16 are very similar to shamanic practices. upcoming posts I will begin sharing my journeys as I conduct a series of past-life regressions...and maybe some future life progressions.

As Muso Soseki wrote, "for a person of Zen no limits exist."

Please join me as I explore the parameters of consensus and non-consensus reality. Please comment...and let the playful journey begin.

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Hold

I will be putting this blog on hold for awhile. I have been busy with promoting my book and writing my new one...but stay posted on The Broken Bokken Blog for updates.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Trip to the Lower World

Took a trip to the Lower World via a hypnotic script I came across a while back.  The journey began in a sacred space, which was a place I used to visit when I was an undergrad student back in the 70's.  It was back in the bluffs in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I used to go up to the bluffs to hike and fast and just enjoy nature.

My journey began in this spot at the base of a tree where I entered through a hole. Upon entering the hole I encountered an animal/spirit guide. It was a black panther/leopard. Beautiful. She led down a dark tunnel and emerged at a beautiful landscape, almost tropical with a beach, lots of foliage and clean air, blue sky.

Prior to entering my journey I had asked to receive help to keep me healthy as I mature.  She led me down to the beach and told me to start running. I ran and ran along the beach enjoying the wind in my hair...I had lots on my head and it was long. My body was younger and more muscular than I have ever been in my life.

After running I was instructed to swim out into the ocean to this tiny island. It was quite a swim...then I was told to swim around the island, which I did easily. After the swim I had to run on the island's beach to a cliff. I then had to scale the cliff and walk back into the island where I found a cove with water below. I jumped into the water feeling great. When I came up out of the water a rope was hanging for me to climb up to the top. I reached the top and came back to the island beach.

I was then instructed to go back to the original beach and return to this world. I thanked my animal guide and returned....feeling really great. I have yet to sort through the imagery for meaning...but will soon.

On a side note, once when I went up to the bluffs for a fast I met a big black labrador retriever at the base of the bluffs. He traveled with me all day as I roamed the bluffs and sat next to me when I meditated. Upon my return down the bluffs he left me where he found me. Could this have been my animal guide meeting me? It was a wonderful and strange experience.

Hands palm to palm,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blind Seer revisited

A few posts back I wrote of being a Lakatoh seer. I was sitting by a fire with my eyes mudded and blindfolded. At the time I wasn't sure what was going on, but after some research I learned that seers or shamans would often blindfold themselves to darken their sight to this world. They would also spirit travel at night and in many cultures drumming was used as well.

In my regression, it was evening. There was drumming and dancing to help facilitate the journey into the unseen worlds. The mud and blindfold over the eyes makes sense. I was preparing to journey and it was not my death scene.

Now, I am going to have to try and go back there and find out more...but when I can find the time. Been very busy lately and this type of journey requires some alone time, which is tough sometimes.

I'll keep you posted.

Hands palm to palm,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Ronin

Re-explored my fleeting Ronin life. I had a glimpse of it many years ago. It was dark and I, as a Ronin, was sitting in front of a small fire. The feeling was one of loneliness.

As I returned with specific questions, I discovered it was during the Tokugawa era in the early 1700's. Lots of chaos and social disheaval. Not a lot of food available either.  I, however, was doing okay. I was a hired sword...a Ronin. I was not the type that had lost his lord, but more of lowly class samurai with no real adherence to the samurai code of ethics. In short, I was a bit of an asshole.

Fiercely independent kept coming through. I would only live life on my terms and didn't care who I cut down to get my way. As I reflect, my 'assholeness' was a way to survive in the harsh environment of the time.  My death scene was an ambush by other samurai who I had pissed off.

It was at the fire. The ambush came by four men and I was cut down. The death blow was the kissaki, or point of a sword, entering the base of my skull from the rear. It makes me nauseous thinking of it. This is one death scene I had a hard time separating from. Lots of pain and that kissaki to the skull, at C-1 vertebrae really did me in. Not a pleasant experience.

No name came through. I was a bit robust in my appearance and very proud of who I was and what I had done. Narcissisitic maybe? This one was very emotional for me. This is definitely a past life that has me connected to my current martial career....and my neck/vertigo issues.

Hands palm to palm,

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flying Dreams

As a child, I would often have dreams of flying. I remember feeling scared of falling, but by the time I was in high school I was able to figure out that I was going to be okay and just go with it. I remember this moment particularly as I was flying over a field by the high school and felt myself falling and seeing the sidewalk below.  I told myself I am okay and began to fly back up. From there I felt more in control.

As an adult, I now welcome these dreams. One of my clients, a Native American who has the gift of 'seeing', told me in her tradition these are out of body experiences. She told me she often flew to visit her mentor in Canada. She also told me that when they would meet in the flesh, they would discuss there o.b.e. visits.

For myself, these are wonderful dreams...once I figure out I am dreaming and flying.  Last evening was a bit weird though. I was flying over treelines and was lifting up and rolling backwards...this gives me a vertigo type of feeling that I don't necessarily care for. (I was in a car accident 8 years ago and my car hit black ice...I spun, hit the ditch and went flying backwards...ended upside down, but okay...ever since this motion doesn't settle with me) While this began to happen I told myself, "I am control" and rolled with the flight despite feeling some vertigo.

I awoke and was lying in bed staring at a white ceiling with sprayed texturing of 'popcorn'...the funny thing this was not my bedroom....nor my bed! Cassie, one of our cats who passed away about seven years ago, was there in bed with me. On the wall I could see a bird house with robins in it. One of the robins came to visit...and then I awoke from this dream to find myself in this form in this life.

Just a fun strange dream.  Flying...awaking from that dream into another dream...perhaps now this is another dream...who knows.  Love flying dreams.

To have a flying dream all I do is ask...and I usually will have one. Try it until it happens. The more you have the more you will begin to question consensus reality and its substance, especially the sense of self or it is just plain fun.

That's all for now...
In Gassho,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blind Seer

I wasn't sure if I was going to post this one...not sure of it authenticity, but then I remember telling my clients that when your conscious mind starts questioning the regression, you're on the right track.

In my regression I was a Lakotah medicine man in the early 1800's.  I was sitting crosslegged by a roaring fire with dancers around me. My eyes were covered with mud wrapped in a band or bandana. I recieved the impression that I was a 'blind seer', whatever that means. It has many connotations for me. Not sure if I was blind or could only 'see' and have visions when blinded with mud.

During this ceremony I was laid on my back....and then I drifted away from the regression.

I think I am going to use more of  a self-guided script with my digital voice recorder. It helps me stay with the regression up through the death scene. I have been finding myself drifting away too easily to remember 'me'.

Hands palm to palm,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm a Squirrel

A lucid dream I had a few months ago: I was running through a field towards a bank overlooking a lake. As I looked down I could see my legs as a man.

I then lifted and began flying...I then shape-shifted into a squirrel soaring through the air...dipping into the lake and just having fun. I remember seeing the lake glistening in the sun. The blue sky watching over me.

It felt carefree, joyous and yes, a tad bit squirrely!

Hands palm to palm,


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too Weird

Last evening I had a bit of insomnia so I decided to use the time for a regression. My quest was to find the life where my 'worry-wart' self began. Most of this life I face anxiety and a stream of worry...thus my Dharma name of Shinzen, Trust Zen. Nonin knew me very well.

Well, as I took my time machine into the past I found myself in ancient Egypt. I was a scribe/accountant type. I could see Pyramids and I was living in a village at its base. To my surprise, it was very colorful and tropical...not so much like a desert. My job was to manage the money for the laborers' tombs. The age of Ptolemy went through my brain...and my conscious mind began to struggle with it a bit. No death scene that I can remember...but there was brutality if you screwed up the money! I was beaten a lot.

Well, when I got to work this morning and went to my Yahoo home page, headline news...'Archaeologists find in Egypt tomb of Ptolemaic King'.  I was blown away. So I had to research Ptolemy...he was a Greek guy who presided over Egypt. The year was around 332 B.C. 

I will meditate upon this life a bit more and see what pops up.  There is more though...after this I went into a dream state and had a very lucid dream I will share in another post...different time and culture.

Gotta get to work...Hands palm to palm,

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mountain Hermit

Seeing myself coming down from a mountain in Japan carrying a bundle of herbs. I was dressed like a Taoist Sage, Chinese hair in bun, smiling. Sun shining as I walked through a field of grass and flowers. The funny thing for me was that I was not in China, but Japan.

I then realized that I had fled from China and went to live in the mountains of Japan. Not sure where or when.  All I can remember seeing is that I came to a small village where I was greeted warmly. I was helping tend the animals and children with herbs and words.

The last image that came to me was my Taoist self staring at me watching. It was like my past life knew I was there watching. He stared at me, Shinzen, smiled and faded away. It felt very peaceful.

Hands palm to palm,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hypnosis is Natural

Ta Wan mentioned that perhaps I should make a post about how natural hypnosis is. Well, it is a very natural state of mind. In fact, you go in and out of a hypnotic state of mind countless times throughout the day. If you've ever been so engrossed in a book or movie or activity, you were in a trance state. 'You' disappeared for awhile and were the book, the movie or the activity.

The hypnogogic state of mind also occurs as you drift off to sleep at night. This is where you feel dreamy yet awake. Also, whenever you daydream you are also in a hypnotic trance. You can't get caught forever in a hypnotic state of mind no more than you can be forever caught in a daydream.

Some people believe, and I am still amazed this belief exists, that if you get hypnotized the devil will take your mind! Wow...I have used hypnosis since the age of 16 to help myself get through anxiety and panic attacks. The pills (Valium and Stelazine) did not work. In fact they made me feel like a zombie. Hypnosis, for myself, was a lifesaver and I don't consider myself demon possessed....well, maybe some gremlins, but that's all, and only the ones that like pb and j sandwiches :)

People who are worried about going into a trance or those who claim they can't be hypnotized typically are caught in the biggest and most difficult type of trance to is called Ego.  The sense of Self as distinct and separate from the universe is a humongous monster of a trance, but once broken, can be used for fun in the playground of the mind.

As a man of Zen, as Muso Roshi stated, has no limits. The sky is small to the unlimited potential that exists for a man or woman who has seen through the trance state if 'I".  Hypnosis can be a vehicle by which you can experience this. Your sense of I gets suspended, yet still can watch, as the exploration of inner space is happening.

Hypnosis, as a therapy, also has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958.  It is used pre and post surgery, during childbirth, dentristy and I use it in psychotherapy to help people cope with Post Traumatic Stress, anxiety, OCD, smoking cigs, weight loss and even soul retrieval. Yep. I had one request for a soul retrieval and within one month her soul returned and she feels great. I know it can sound way out there, but the mind is unlimited with unlimited power...and we're just beginning to tap into it.

Well, enough said on this. I have to prepare for my next regression. Thanks Ta Wan for the suggestion.

Hands palm to palm,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Self-Hypnotic Technique

Rizal had asked if I share my hypnotic technique for a doing a past-life regression. I do this technique for most changes I wish to make. It is simple and actually fairly common in the hypnotic world.

Now, I have been doing this since the age of 16 and it does require practice and some faith.  While in the regression it is important to trust the first impulses, ideas, images, impressions that you receive. When you start questioning you are engaging too much of the conscious mind.

Here's the technique that I practice:

Put on some quiet music...instrumental, new age and lately I have been using drumming shamanic music.
Then get in a comfortable position, sitting more upright than lying down. Lying down will just put you to sleep.
I take three deep breaths and after each exhale let out a great sigh of relief, allowing my body to relax deeper with each breath.
I then tell myself I am the greatest self-hypnotic practitioner in the world and am extremely susceptible to recalling past lives (or healing pain, or staying lean, or whatever).
Then I ask a question or put in a request. For instance: "I would like to explore a past life that will help me understand my anxiety. I will remember all that happens and when I return in 15 minutes will feel refreshed and alert."
I then call upon a guardian...can be animal or human or angelic to protect me through my journey.
Then I just 'let go' and listen to the music.

Now, if you are new to hypnosis you might want to find a past life hypnotic script and either record it for yourself or have someone you trust record it. This can be very helpufl.

After I return from my journey I also will keep a journal, especially of 'stuff' that pops up during the day or in dreams at night. After poking around in the subconscious, sometimes images and impressions will continue to rise and enter your consciousness. Trust it and write it down, even if it feels you are 'making it up'.

Try it for yourself..and happy traveling.

Many blessings,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eric Reicher

Eric Reicher is the name of one of my former lives. This discovery came from my first past life regression I did around six years ago.
Some background: Growing up I had recurring nightmares of being hunted and chased down by the Gestapo...Nazis.  In my dreams I would be hiding in walls, under furniture and even under an old tub. I would wake up sweating and really freaked out.

When I was in sixth grade I also began having a sharp searing pain in my lower left abdomen. No known reason was found for it and it would come and go throughout my life.

Now to the past life. I went into it with the question of searching the WWII era and my nightmares.  Eric Reicher was a Jewish German newspaper editor...He was hunted and killed by the Gestapo. Bayoneted in the lower left a bathroom. He was killed for what he wrote, plus being Jewish. Now, I don't have scientific or historical evidence to back this up, but that doesn't matter to me.

This past life cleared up a lot of personal issues for me in this my writing and distate for German culture. I used to be fearful of allowing people to see my writing. I know many writers can be touchy about their work but I really didn't like being critiqued...even if the critique was good.  I also had, in this life, a dislike for the German language and German Shepards. The language always seemed course and harsh, plus German Shepards tended to growl at me...and was even bitten by one when I was about ten.  Never cared for them.

Now I write freely...and am not so concerned with comments and critiques. I write for myself and just let the shit fly.  I now have my first book due to be published in a few months...Black Belt Healing.  Who would have thunk. I have overcome that fear of critiques and now am an author in this life. Cool.

The pain in my left side....gone since the regression. (hint at another life I had...also knifed in that spot).

Oh, yeah...I also saw my old face. Slim build like I am now, but thin blond hair and wore round wired rim glasses...just like I do now. In this life, before I turned gray, my hair was very black.

That's all I have for now. This is a good start...if I remember anything I left out I can add later.

Hands palm to palm,

Past Lives

I will be taking some journeys into my past. Yes, I do believe I have lived before and will live on...but in different bodies and even in different worlds outside 'this' world.

Ever since I was child I had hints into this world. My parents would tell me I was just dreaming or had a very vivid imagination. I knew what I saw. As a child from 4 until puberty, I saw and heard 'dead' people.  Early on they scared the piss out of me!  As I grew older, not so much. It didn't help any that my backyard abutted a cemetary.  Often, I could hear my name called while in the backyard, but no-one was there but me.

Flying. At times I fly at night. Sounds weird, but I have a lot of flying 'dreams'. A Native American Seer Woman told me in her tradition these are out of body experiences and I was soul traveling. As a young kid, flying scared me, but as I got used to it...well, now I like it....for the most part.

So, to begin Samurai Shaman, I will be posting my past lives. Feel free to join in with comments and intreprations...and let the unfolding of my lives begin.

Hands palm to palm,