The Call

Back in November of 2009 I had a series of synchronistic events happen that I recorded in my blog over at the Broken Bokken .... See 'Shamans At Work'

These events led me to the world of Shamanism. To be frank with you, I had no interest in the subject until these events...and since then have been called into this interesting world.

I really don't consider myself a Shaman, but many of the hypnotic practices I have engaged in since the age of 16 are very similar to shamanic practices. upcoming posts I will begin sharing my journeys as I conduct a series of past-life regressions...and maybe some future life progressions.

As Muso Soseki wrote, "for a person of Zen no limits exist."

Please join me as I explore the parameters of consensus and non-consensus reality. Please comment...and let the playful journey begin.

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Hold

I will be putting this blog on hold for awhile. I have been busy with promoting my book and writing my new one...but stay posted on The Broken Bokken Blog for updates.


  1. Oh well,

    Good luck with the book promotion and book writing, Shinzen :)

  2. Thanks Rizal...As I proceed if I have anything related to Samurai Shaman I might post. Again, thanks for your readership.